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Water Recreation Platform

Product Overview

Water recreation platform is gradually accepted by people and adapted to modern people' s pursuit of waterside pavilion style carefree life environment as a new type platform which provide a stable and safe area for tour, recreation, aquaculture net cage, fishing, waterfront restaurant, viewing platform, marina, floating pool, etc. Tourism becomes the main industry in more and more city. With the constantly development of tourism and people's pursuit of high quality life, the infrastructure of aquatic recreation is sustaining innovations in our country which material of platform transformed wooden bubble into high-density plastic. However, in the water platform, Industry using pipe as mainly buoyancy fittings is almost vacancy. It has broad prospects. Therefor, it is imperative to independently develop a set of water pipe platform system which is comfortable,strong wind wave resistance, safety, extensive use-area,environmental protection and durability,high level, combining the fact of our company and expressing the advantage of us.

Product Details

Product Features

The  mainly  difference  between  our  product  and  existing  product  or  the  similar  product  in  the  market  are  dissimilar  fittings' structure that provide buoyancy for the platform and super-structure support sections. 

Reticulated porous structure of supporting no only make the flow more unimpeded that can avoid the wave successfully when it comes, but also combine super-structure with substructure of the platform to enhance wind wave resistance by connecting with the pedal. 

In order to make the platform more stable and comfortable when the wave come, LESSO set the shake resistance device on the substructure of platform. On the upper-structure, we also set yellow safety rail with all kind of height and free collocation quantity of rail to make the platform safer, more reliable and artistic. 

Traditional water platform structure is simple. Mainly combining the material of buoys or buoyancy tank, boards or steels' support, plastic boards,etc. 

There are disadvantages of Structurally unsound, low carrying capacity, bad wave resistance, short service life , low grades ,etc. 

All Pasts of LESSO Water recreation platform system almost use the same kind of material—high density polyethylene. It gains excellent wind wave resistance by Utilizing high density polyethylene' s character of Seawater corrosion resistance, soft and flip


Product Usage

Floating bridge system, Sea Cage Culture, relaxed platform 

• User should combine local condition of hydrology and geological conditions to choose appropriate anchor system when they adopt LESSO water platform. 

• Anchor can fix up on all kind of water area appropriately.



Product Usage

Water Recreation Platform Product Usage



Product Structure

Water Recreation Platform Product Structure

Engineering Projects

Water Recreation Platform Project Case

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