How to Choose The Best Bathroom Shower

The Best Bathroom Shower

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Are you on a hunt for an excellent shower? When considering bathroom ideas for a renovation or a complete redesign, selecting the best shower type to install in your bathroom is a critical part of planning. This ultimately means the difference between a satisfying, comfortable shower and a cold to a lukewarm trickle.

Hence, you are right if you do not know where to begin or wonder what the best shower is. By going through the guide below, you’ll learn the main types of showers available to arrive at the one that is suited best for your home.

What Is The Structure Of The Shower?

A shower has several main parts, including the shower head, faucet, fixed seat, shower pipe, hand shower, and shower hose, all interconnected to ensure a complete unit. Other pieces like drains and valves all make your shower operate effectively. In this section, we’ll consider each of these parts of a shower to give you a glimpse of what it is and its function.

The Shower heads

It is a plumbing part connected to water pipes through a hose, mostly made from steel. It’s among the most common and visible parts of your shower. Shower heads come in various shapes, whether round, rectangular or more traditional round. Replacing a shower head is easy whenever it breaks. Shower heads may be handheld or fixed.


The shower faucet controls the water flow and temperature. Lever, knobs, or crosses are among the common types of handles. It also features a pressure balancer or a scald guard that prevents the sudden dropping of cold temperature from becoming a burn hazard. Shower systems that include a tub will need a faucet with a diverter to control the tub and the shower.

Shower Pipe

The other part of the shower is the shower pipe. This is the flange connecting the shower head and the hidden plumbing that delivers hot water into your shower head. The pipe can be of varying lengths and diameters or even made from different materials. Hence, you should consult your plumber before hitting the market in search of one.

Shower Hose

This is a piping used for connecting the shower valve to the shower head. Shower hoses are commonly used in handheld shower heads. They may be made from metal or PVC and are available in different lengths. They might be reinforced to ensure a better kink resistance. It can also connect your shower head with a tankless water heater.

Hand Shower

As said above, a shower head can be either handheld or fixed. The handheld shower heads place the control of showering onto a user’s hands. It also features the main parts like the faucet, a hose, and a valve for controlling the water flow. It helps parents rinse or wash children’s hair while at the same time keeping the soap off their faces.

Fixed Seat

This wall-mounted bench is used for storage, convenience, accessibility, or relaxation while in the shower. You can use the seat to relax after a shower, or those with back pains can sit while having one.

How To Choose The Right Type Of The Shower?

Electric Showers

Electrical showers heat the cold water from the mains whenever needed, making them economical. Although they are limited in design, these shower types are beneficial in busy homes and extra bathrooms where other shower types might lose pressure whenever a tap is turned on, or another person is bathing in another bathroom. These shower types are particularly energy-efficient and convenient. They also come with a pump for boosting the water pressure.

Mixer Showers

These are the most familiar shower types available in the market and are sold as a pair of shower heads and the valve. The valve takes the cold and hot water from your system and features the necessary controls to adjust the flow and temperature. You can choose between a concealed mixer embedded into your wall with only the controls exposed or an exposed valve fixed on your wall surface.

Since these shower types are available in various styles, from ultra-sleek to classic, you can easily find one that suits your needs. However, mixer showers require good water pressure, meaning that they won’t suit just any home unless there’s a pump installed.

Digital Showers

If you fancy having a smart showering experience, this should be the shower type you select. You can pre-set water flow and temperatures or switch between various spray types. They also feature a diverter for mixing the cold and hot water and a shower head. However, the diverter box can be positioned anywhere, including outside the room.

These shower types are beneficial when planning a small bathroom shower design. Since it features wireless control, you could run the water at your preferred temperatures before entering the bathroom. The programmable settings allow every family member to have their preferred flow and heat option, including refreshing, soothing, relaxing, and powerful.

How To Pick The Right Shower Head?

Wall-Mount Shower Heads

Do you want just a simple upgrade to your bathroom, or are you on a budget? A wall-mount shower head is a great choice. Changing a wall-mounted shower head is simple. You only need to unscrew the existing component and attach a new one. However, you should not break your shower arm when unscrewing the old shower head. These shower head types typically work with existing plumbing. They also have extra features like nozzles and adjust between a gentle mist and pulsating massage.

Hand-Held Shower Heads

Due to its additional control and reach, its 3-6-foot hose provides, these shower head types can ensure you conduct several tasks, including bathing pets and kids, rinsing your shower enclosure, and washing your hair. The handheld showers are also mounted on a wall and loaded with other additional. This shower head works with preexisting plumbing and is a greater addition to your family bathroom. It can be used in combination or instead of a standard shower head.

Top-Mount Shower Heads

Also called rain showers, these shower head types are usually positioned directly above the head of the bather for an excellent drenching experience. These shower head types can also be suspended from a mounted flush to your ceiling or a pendant. However, unlike the standard shower heads that can be easily replaced, top-mount shower heads need extensive upgrades to your plumbing. The choices vary from conventional rain shower heads, which offer only a single spray pattern, to the over-the-top models having colored lighting and multiple adjustable nozzles.

Shower Enclosure

How To Choose The Best Shower Enclosure?

D-Shaped Showers

The D-Shaped shower enclosures like Lesso LF1211 shower room offer a spacious showering experience and could make a bold statement in your bathroom. This shower enclosure is true of unique style because it only needs a single flat wall to fit, as opposed to the use of two wall spaces at the corner of any room. These shower enclosures are increasing in popularity.

Single-Door Quadrant Shower

These shower enclosures are ideal for bathrooms having tight corners or aren’t that spacious. They can snugly fit into any corner, ensuring no wasted space. You have the option of a sliding door to save space for a single door opening. Lesso LF5309 single door quadrant shower is a good choice for your home.

Hinged Shower Doors

Do you have enough space in your home? Then you don’t need a sliding door. Instead, you could use a hinged one that looks more stylish. There are many modern shower encloses with hinged doors that you can choose from. Such toilets open into the bathroom, maybe of brass, metal, or chrome varieties. Luckily, Lesso has got you covered. For the best showering experience, you can choose from LF5310, LF5309, and LF8105.

Sliding Shower Doors

Do you want modern, streamlined-looking shower enclosures? Then you could benefit from an enclosure having a sliding door. It is both a stylish and practical option. It is also best for space-saving. There are several glasses that you can choose from. However, they work best using tough, strong, and clear glass.

Bi-Fold Shower Doors

Most shower doors require that you’ve got enough free space outside your shower enclosure for their doors to open fully. The Bi-fold shower enclosures, also called in-fold, are ideal if you want to save space. They fold into themselves, making space for the users to leave and enter the bathroom with ease.


After a long day at work, or for relaxation, you might want to take a bath bow and then. A clean person is a healthy one. Therefore, you need to have a shower crafted to address your needs, ensuring a good bathing experience. Luckily, Lesso has got you covered. They are a global manufacturer of shower enclosures and showers. Do you want a multi-functional shower? Lesso has got your back. On our website, you can choose from various models, including WP60628, WP60627, WP60622, and WP60902.

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