How To Choose The Best Smart Toilet For Your Bathroom

Best Smart Toilet For Your Bathroom

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Thanks to technological evolution, toilets have become smart and intelligent. Yes. a toilet is smart, and having one is a great way to improve the hygiene of one’s household.

These toilets were first invented in 1596 by Sir John Harrington who created a flushing lavatory, with a built-in cistern. However, they didn’t gain prominence until the 1980s, when smart toilets became a thing in Japan. Now, one can enjoy a modern home, which includes smart everything including a smart or intelligent toilet.

Owning and installing this intelligent toilet has been made easy too. with a wide range of options to choose from. Smart toilet fits into all bathroom designs and decor, they are easy to use and offer luxury and comfort.

Choosing the best smart toilet for your bathroom means knowing all the features to look out for. The most common features include automatic lids that open and close, self-flushing and cleaning, spray water wash among others.

This article highlights what a smart toilet is the features one should look out for when choosing a smart toilet and also reasons why you should get one:

What Is ”Smart” or "Intelligent” Toilet?

A smart or intelligent toilet is an electronic toilet that is capable of taking care of all the toilet needs of its user. This toilet senses a user when approaching, lifts the lid automatically, and warms the toilet seat. They are intelligent this means they are capable of flushing the toilet automatically after use, like the Lesso intelligent toilet.

lesso smart toilet

Why Do You Need It?

The most obvious benefits of a smart toilet are its ease of use, and its ability to save water-smart toilets are ideal for users with sensitive or damaged skin, thanks to their warm seat feature.

They eliminate fecal bacteria left by toilet paper and also reduce the spread of bacteria from the toilet to your hands.

A smart toilet is hygienic and saves one from picking up bacteria from the toilet Aside from promoting one’s toilet hygiene, they also ease hemorrhoids’ discomfort and post-childbirth perineum cleansing and soothing.

What Are the Smart Toilet Features?

Before purchasing a smart toilet there are certain features to look out for. These features often differ in toilet brands and make one brand unique from the other. This means some are more comforting than others. The most common features of a smart toilet are:

Eco-friendly Functionality

A smart toilet that uses less water to flush than many standard toilets. This feature reduces the amount of water being wasted worldwide and cuts down one’s water bill, therefore saving cost.

Warm Water Wash

Smart toilet facilitates bidet feature. This allows the toilet spray-wash its user with warm water after use. One doesn’t have to clean up after themselves, which is pure comfort and one of the most unique features of a smart toilet.

Self-Cleaning Toilet Technologies

Smart toilets are capable of self-cleaning after use. They are intelligent enough to handle that part automatically. You only need to do your business and this toilet takes care of the rest.

Seat Warming

Some smart toilets, like the Lesso intelligent toilet, offer users the comfort of a warm toilet seat. This warmth can be adjusted to fit an individual need, using such a toilet in the wintertime is pure bliss.

Saves Water

Another unique feature of a smart toilet is its ability to save water. Smart toilets are known to flush the toilet calculatedly. saving the quantity of water used, which in turn reduces water bills.

Automatic Lid

The toilet is smart and senses when a user approaches. They have an automatic lid feature; this lifts the lid and closes it automatically when a user is done.

Air Dryer

The air-drying feature of a smart toilet eliminates the need for toilet paper. They come with hot or cold air streams, that can be adjusted, to dry up a user after use.


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Night Light

The outfitted led light on the smart toilet makes it easy to use during the night The light produces a soft glow that is comforting to one’s sleepy head, without disrupting sleep when used in the middle of the night.

How To Install a Smart Toilet?

Installing a smart toilet is pretty, through the following steps:

  1. Open the box and confirm all parts are included.
  2. Measure the distance from the wall to the center of the outlet tube that attaches to the toilet.
  3. Test your water pressure before installing, to ensure it is functional.
  4. Wrap the plumber tape around the valve and connect it to the water supply pipe.
  5. Before connecting to the hose, open the valve and flush out debris in case of malfunction.
  6. Install the flange on the end of the toilet outlet.
  7. Left the toilet align it with the drain pipe, and put it down gently. Press down evenly to the toilet to set the flange down firmly.
  8. Connect the inlet hose with an angle valve.
  9. Open the angle valve and check if any is leaking water.
  10. Caulk around the case of the toilet, smooth the seal with your fingers.
  11. Lift the lid and toilet seat and dissemble the whole bidet(seat). Install the 9-volt battery.
  12. Press the flush button on the side and confirm the flush operation.
  13. Connect to electricity and confirm all the functions listed in the menu of the toilet.
  14. Do not use the toilet until after 24 hours.

The Lesso intelligent toilet goes for as low as $99-105 and provides all the functions of a smart toilet. The great thing about owning a smart toilet is that they fit into all bathroom designs.

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