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Siphon-type Roof Rainwater Drain System Pipe and Fittings 0
Siphon-type Roof Rainwater Drain System Pipe and Fittings 0

Siphon-type Roof Rainwater Drain System Pipe and Fittings

Product Overview

Siphon-type drain system takes special rainwater head to absorb the rainwater and forms the full flow status in pipe. With the aid of potential energy due to the drop of architecture and falling water, the minus pressure is obtained in pipe so that the flow in rainwater head or horizontal can be pushed under additional pressure. Above phenomenon is called as siphon. siphon can expedite the flow in drain pipe and drain the roof rainwater more quickly.

Product Details



Gravity drain system( flow mixed with air and water) 

· The diameter of pipe is 1/2 to2/3 greater than the siphon standing pipe under the same folw. 

· More rainwater head has inflexible distribution compared with other systems. 

· More rainwater standing pipe has negative influence on appearance of architecture. 

· More rainwater check well results in higher cost or charge for project. 

· More buried horizontal pipe results in the waste of pipe. 

· Greater digging results in the increasement of quantities. 

· Slope is needed when horizontal pipe is installed, which interfere with the installation of other equipments. 

· The rainwater before head can’t be controlled and there is risk of water ponding or overflow. 

· The amount of rainwater head is limited when connected into the same standing pipe. 

· The flow of pipe is slow and easily blocked so that additional cleanout is required.


Siphon drain system(full flow) 

· Smaller diameter has greater flow than gravity flow under the same diameter. 

· Less rainwater head bring more flexible distribution. 

· Less rainwater standing pipe is benefitable to layout of building.

· Less rainwater check well reduce the cost. 

· Less buried horizontal pipe save the pipe in amount. 

· Less workload of digging and easier installation. 

· No slope is required for installation of horizontal pipe and convenient for the installation of other equipments. 

· The depth of rainwater before head is controlled, which drain rainwater more quickly and safely. 

· The amount of rainwater head connected into the same standing pipe is unlimited. 

· The flow in pipe is rapid. The system has ability of self-cleaning and the cleanout is unnecessary.





Siphon-type rainwater head 

LESSO siphon-type rainwater head is made from HDPE and stainless steel. The sizes are optional. This product is suitable to concrete or steel-structure roof. The ability of drain had passed the strict test and reached the same level of global counterpart. 


· Streamline appearance. Good resistance to pressure and anti-friction. The lifetime can reach up to 50 years. 

· Good separation effect of water with air. Great drain capacity and stable flow. 

· Low plate prevent the system from blockage of piping. 

· Flexible fixture design is suitable to various roof and solve the problem from rainwater head thoroughly. The tailor pipe can be connected to main pipe directly, which guarantees the tightness of system.


Pipe and fittings 

LESSO HDPE pipe is adapted to match the requirement of CJ/T250-2007 HDPE PIPE AND FITTINGS FOR BUILDING DRAINAGE Advantage of HDPE pipe 

· Corrosion resistance. The system can withstand the vaired chemical agent and electronical-chemical corrosion. 

· No exposure for fusion joint part. Fusion joint is taken as the joint method for PE pipe, which can ensure the homogenous material with pipe body and guarantee the homoousia of the whole piping system. 

· PE pipe has a excellent foreign strength resistance and flexibility which can reach 350% in elongation at break. Under normal circumstance, the system can last for at least 50 years. 

· Light weight can benefit the transportation and installation.

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