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LESSO offers reliable PE-RT floor heating piping systems for residential and industrial buildings. You can choose from the different floor heating pipe types, which include PE-RT II pipe special for solar, central heating secondary pipeline PE-RTII, and PE-RT floor heating pipe.

Lesso PE-RT II Pipe Special for Solar

PE-RT II Pipe Special for Solar

PE-RT II pipe special for Solar is made of PE-RT II resin appended with special UVA, which has excellent pressure-resistance and hot&low temperature-resistance, Weather-resistance as well. Product fulfills the requirement of industrial standard CJ/T 318-2009.
Lesso Central Heating Secondary Pipeline PE-RTII

Central Heating Secondary Pipeline PE-RTII

◎ The central heating system is constituted by the all pipelines which take heat from heating resource to customers.
◎ The structure of heating-preservation pipe for central heating system: General divided into 3 parts:
◎ Internal layer is pressured plastics pipe: PE-RT II pipe
◎ Middle layer is foamed heating-preservation layer: PU foam. The heat conductivity coefficient λ50= 0.032 W/m·K;
◎ Outside layer is HDPE single-wall corrugated pipe or HDPE surface layer. conductivity coefficient λ= 0.42 W/m·K
Lesso PE-RT Floor Heating Pipe

PE-RT Floor Heating Pipe

PE-RT Pipe and Fitting are manufactured in accordance with CJ/T 175-2002, using ethylene-octylene copolymer as main raw material, intended for high temperature resistance usage. The raw material has special molecular structure, which includes linear polyethylene as the backbone chain plus controllable branches, so that the PE-RT pipe and fittings have excellent pressure resistance. Meanwhile, it has superior flexibility, then it can be easily bent without changing the shape. It also performs well in low temperature. Plus the advantages of sanitary, heat welding joints, reliable connection without the worry of leakage, it is an ideal plumbing system for floor heating.

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Lesso Distribution of  Production Bases

Distribution of Production Bases

Headquartered in Shunde, Guangdong, China Lesso Group owns over 26 major production bases in 16 provinces in China, as well as Canada and America. China Lesso's production bases and sales network cover the whole country and radiate the globe, which can efficiently provides customers with products and service in time.
Lesso Independent R&D

Independent R&D

Technology innovation is the vitality of an enterprise. China LESSO Group embraces a R&D institute with over 1000 scientific researchers, a post-doctoral research center and laboratories accredited by CNAS. There are over 1800 patents applied and pending.
Lesso Comprehensive Service System

Comprehensive Service System

Our objective is to provide the best quality services for customers' satisfaction. Our services run through the whole process from pre-sale project planning,training and installation guidance to after-sale product support and quality maintenance.
Lesso Efficient Logistics System

Efficient Logistics System

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