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Central Heating Secondary Pipeline PE-RTII 0
Central Heating Secondary Pipeline PE-RTII 0

Central Heating Secondary Pipeline PE-RTII

Product Overview

· The central heating system is constituted by the all pipelines which take heat from heating resource to customers.
· The structure of heating-preservation pipe for central heating system: General divided into 3 parts:
· Internal layer is pressured plastics pipe: PE-RT II pipe
· Middle layer is foamed heating-preservation layer: PU foam. The heat conductivity coefficient λ50= 0.032 W/m·K;
· Outside layer is HDPE single-wall corrugated pipe or HDPE surface layer. conductivity coefficient λ= 0.42 W/m·K

Product Details




It is widely applied to various secondary pipeline in central heating system. Urban central heating secondary  pipeline. District central heating secondary pipeline, hospital, school or other  public architecture’  s central heating secondary pipeline, or villa heating backyard pipeline.





· Replace metal with plastics for the purpose of cost save; © The effect of heat preservation is excellent due to low loss during the transportation. 

· Innovative high-molecular chemical building material. It is suitable for conveyance of hot water and never rot or decay with time. 

· Service life is up to 50 years for pipe. The central heating system has  nominal service life of up to 30 years, which depends on varied application condition(such as temperature, pressure, etc) 

· Heat resistance and pressure resistance helps to fulfill the requirements of secondary heating pipeline. 

·  This  product  is  green  and  environment-friendly  product which can be recycled and reprocessed easily. 

· It is convenient and easy for installation when electro-fusion serves as connection method. 

· Good seal ability for this system.

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