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Aluminum-plastic Composite Pipe 0
Aluminum-plastic Composite Pipe 0

Aluminum-plastic Composite Pipe

Product Overview

Material: Polyethylene and Aluminum
Size: 1014 to 2632
Color: white,orange and yellow
Standard: ASTM F1281、ASTM F 1282、BS 6920
Form Supplied: coil form
Applications: cold water supply, hot water supply and gas supply
Welding Mode: over-lap welding

Product Details




◎ Low linear expansion coefficient,not easy to deform with the change of temperature

◎ Flexible and can be supplied in coil 

◎ Use less fittings compare to conventional plastic & metal pipes

◎ No microorganism growth and hygienic

◎ Non-corrosive

◎ Easy to bend,low weight and fast to install 

◎ Joint does not need adhesive

◎ Low transportation cost

◎ Can work for more than 50 years under proper use

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