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Fire Sprinkling Gathering Heat Cover 0
Fire Sprinkling Gathering Heat Cover 0

Fire Sprinkling Gathering Heat Cover

Product Overview

Fire sprinkling gathering heat cover is suitable for warehouse-style supermarkets,logistics centers,mechanical park,multiple garage,grid ceiling and other places where plan to install closed sprinkler.If the distance from the ceiling is more than 300 mm,it should install the fire sprinkling gathering heat cover,in order to assemble the air and heat from sprinkler to make sure that endothermic elements and thermal elements response timely,then spray water to put out the fire at the beginning of fire.Our products are made of high quality punched stainless steel plate,the surface is bright,are excellent in reflecting heat radiation and gathering thermals.Our company can provide different materials, different surface treatment of products according to the requirements of users.
According to GB50084-2001 Automatic Sprinkler System Design Specifications: the lower of the ring along gathering heat cover should be level with splash plate of sprinkler. Due to different dimensions of sprinklers between the manufacturers,it is recommended that you should buy the fire sprinkling gathering heat cover made by the manufacturers of the sprinklers.

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