T-ZST 15 Series Rapid Response Glass Ball Sprinkler

Product Overview:

K-ZST 15 series rapid response glass ball sprinkler is the most important
component of automatic sprinkler system. It can detect fire, control fire and
put out fire through automatic sprinkler equipment. It is suitable to be used
in buildings whose working temperature is above 4℃ and danger class is
light, medium or heavy, such as hotels, markets, restaurants, entertainment
places, storages, hospitals, plants, office buildings and etc. In the case
of fire, the environmental temperature increases, then the heated glass ball
expands and breaks to make sprinkler open and spray.

Product standards: GB5135.1-2003 Automatic sprinkler system-Part 1:


K-ZST 15 series rapid response glass ball sprinkler is assembled of brass
alloy frame, glass ball, sealing ring, bolt and splash plate. Compact structure,
delicate and exquisite appearance.
The sprinkler frame is precisely forged by high-strength brass alloy, and its
surface is polished and chromeplated, high strength and good corrosion
resistance. The thermo-sensitive element is Φ3mm glass ball made of Germany
JOB Company, high strength, reliable operation and rapid response.