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ZSFZ-TYPE Wet Alarm Valve 0
ZSFZ-TYPE Wet Alarm Valve 0

ZSFZ-TYPE Wet Alarm Valve

Product Overview

Specifications: ZSFZ-100, ZSFZ-150, ZSFZ-200
zsfz wet alarm among is only allowed memo direction into the sprinkler system, and the provisions of the pressure and flow driving mating parts alarm of a single valve. The wet type automatic water spraying fire extinguishing system composed of a water flow indicator, a pressure switch and a sprinkler head is an application of a fixed type fire extinguishing system with a very wide application. The system pipe network perennial with certain pressure water, in long-term servo should be working state, when the fire protection area in somewhere, regional environmental temperature, sprinkler thermal sense component (glass ball), organic solution is generated, thermal expansion caused great pressure, until the glass ball Market Fragmentation, thus opening a sprinkler head and automatically start the system, send out sound and light alarm signal, to reach the fire alarm and control the fire, put out the fire. ZSFZ type wet alarm Lake device is suitable for places where the ambient temperature is 70 degrees Celsius and 4 degrees Celsius. Usually installed in hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, cinemas, office buildings, high-rise buildings, warehouses and underground garage and other places of fire danger. Executive standard: GB5135, 2-2003 issue of automatic shouted the water fire extinguishing system Part 2: wet alarm valve, delayer, hydraulic alarm you.

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