ZSTDY15 Series Concealed Glass Ball Sprinkler

Product Overview:

ZSTDY 15 series concealed glass ball sprinkler is applicable to be used in places of high-class decoration and high-demand appearance, such as high hotels, luxury restaurants, markets, entertainment centers. It can also be installed in the crowded and frequent freight-handling places, in order to prevent people from touching exposed sprinkler and causing danger.
Product standards: GB5135.1-2003 Automatic sprinkler system-Part 1: Sprinkler.


This sprinkler is composed of glass ball sprinkler, decorative shield(outer shield, inner shield, bottom cover). Firstly install the sprinkler and outer shield on pipelines, then install the assemblies of inner shield and bottom cover. The inner shield and bottom cover are welded into one through fusible alloy. In the case of fire, the environmental temperature increases, then the glass ball in shields breaks to make sprinkler open and spray.The sprinkler frame is precisely forged by high-strength brass alloy, and its surface is polished and chromeplated, high strength and good corrosion resistance. The thermo-sensitive element is the glass ball made of Germany JOB Company, high strength, reliable operation and rapid response.