Flanged Double Eccentric Worm Gear Butterfly Valve

Product Overview:

Be widely used for adjustment and cut-off of water supply and drainage pipeline in food, medicine, electricity, paper , etc. And be widely used on water supply and drainage, construction, air conditioning, sewage, chemical industry, food, medicine, light textile , etc.
Technical Data
Nominal Pressure 1.6MPa
Shell Test 2.4MPa
Leaktightness Test 1.76MPa
Working Temperature ≤80℃
Applicable Medium Water


Its structural characteristics is the center of valve stem not only deviations from the the center of butterfly plate, but also deviations from the center of ontology. The double eccentric structure makes disc fastly separate from seat after the valve opens, thus substantially eliminates over compression and scratches between disc and seat, reduces the friction when the valve opening and closing and increases the service time of seat. The reduction of scratches make the use of metal seat, so it expands the application in high temperature areas.
1. Reasonable design, compact structure, easy open and close, labor-saving, small fluidresistance, easy to operate.
2 . Unique structure, small size, light weight, good low-pressure sealing performance.
3. Double eccentric structure reduce the friction of sealing ring and increase service life of the valve.