Flanged Resilient-seated Gate Valve(Rising Stem )

Product Overview:

Technical Parameters
Working Pressure:1.6MPa
Working Temperature:≤80℃
Seal Test:1.76MPa
Intensity Test:2.4MPa
Applicable Medium:Water


1. The gate is packed with glue wholly. The good cover performance of glue and accurate geometric dimensioning ensures excellent tightness and reliability.
2. Light weight. The body of the valve is produced from ironball. Easy installation.
3. Flat base. The bottom of the valve was designed flat. Won t'produce sundries or sludge. Excellent tightness and reliable.
4. Corrosion resistance. Use non-toxic epoxy resin on the inner wall to prevent from corrosion and rustiness. It can be used in portable water supply system, and also can be used in sewage treatment system.