Flanged Single Outlet Vent Valve

Product Overview:

Be used for venting, thus pipe doesn't have water-tight and air-lock. When power failure, negative pressure will happen at any time in pump pipe. But the automatic suction will protect the pipe.
Technical Data
Nominal Pressure 1.6MPa
Shell Test 2.4MPa
Leaktightness Test 1.76MPa
Working Temperature ≤80℃
Applicable Medium Water


1. This product has circular brass body,and its inner structure is mainly of stainless steel floating ball. Simple integral structure and fast exhaust velocity.
2. With precision casting, the precise geometry dimension of valve body ensures the tightness.
3. Coated with non-toxic epoxy resin and the floating ball is made of stainless steel, the inner valve can be used in portable water supply system.