Repairing Clamp(For PE,PVC Pipe)

Product Overview:

Be mainly used to fastly repair the cracks and holes of pipes. And be widely used for PE and PVC plastic pipes. Appliable pipes: PE pipe, PVC pipe.
Technical Data
Nominal Pressure 1.6MPa
Shell Test 2.4MPa
Leaktightness Test 1.76MPa
Working Temperature ≤80℃
Applicable Medium Water


1. The nitrile butadiene rubber, which has good abrasive resistance, heating resistance and adhesive strength, is used as material of sealing ring. Reliable tightness.
2. Light weight. Simple installation. Firstly disassemble the plug, put the sealing ring into body directly facing the sealing groove . Then make the body encase the breakdown and leakage, screw bolt tightly with wrench until water comes out only from the plug outlet. Next quickly put the sealing-trip-wrapped plug onto outlet. No need to stop water during the whole operation.
3. No need to cut off the medium in the pipeline during the repairing, which can not only shorten water supply cut-off time, but also reduce the repairing cost.