Signal Butterfly Valve

Product Overview:

It is used as a kind of control valve in fire-fighting system, and also widely used in water supply and drainage, construction, air conditioning, sewage, chemical industry, food, medical, light textile , etc.
Technical Data
Nominal Pressure 1.6MPa
Shell Test 2.4MPa
Leaktightness Test 1.76MPa
Working Temperature ≤80℃
Applicable Medium Water


1. The design of signal butterfly valve adopts axile butterfly valve plate. The gear actuator is contacted with the switching signal, which can improve the intensity of the open signal and the close signal of the valve. And it is equipped with the output which connects the sound and light, and provides the signal of sound and light. It's suitable to be used with fire-fighting equipments.
2. Fast speed of open and close. Small fluid resistance. Easy to operate.
3. Unique structure, small size, light weight, good sealing performance.
4. Long service time.
5. Good performance of adjustment, cut-off and check.