Groove Resilient-seated Gate Valve(Non-rising Stem )

Product Overview:

Technical Parameters
Normal Pressure:1.6MPa
Seal Performance:1.76MPa
Intensity Test:2.4MPa
Working Temperature:≤80℃
Applicable Medium:Water


Characteristic of Structure:
Groove resilient-seated gate valve is a new kind of connecting valve which designed and manufactured by introducing the same class of products from abroad. It possesses the advantages of fast, easy, safe, reliable installation,easy maintenance, quakeproof and sound insulation,no limit in installation area etc. Meantime, it can connect different axises of the pipe within certain range, and solves the problem of expansion and contraction caused by different temperature.
Suitable to be used in closure control of pipeline projects, such
as fire fighting, gas supply, chemical industry, water treatment,
municipal project etc.