Galvanized Steel Conduit for Wiring Protection

Product Overview:

Produced strictly in accordance with GB/T14823.1-93 and BS4568-1970, LIANSU Electrical Metallic Tubings have two different kinds of production process, one is ERW Black first, and then hot-dip galvanized, the other is using galvanized sheet to welded, and then zinc spraying to the welded line. Therefore, our products have different corrosion grades. Moreover, our products have good fire resistance, corrosion-resistant and simple structure, and they can protect the wires under a harsh environment. They will be the electric installation engineerings' preferences.
wires are extensively used in the telecom, electric and other fields


1. corrosion-resistant and evenly galvanized
2. Welded smooth
3. Good fire resistance, high-flexure strength and high-impact strength
4. Easy installation