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PVC Air-condition Duct 0

PVC Air-condition Duct

Product Overview

Color: white
Length: 2m,4m or other length availability upon request

Product Details


■ Applications


Installation and protection of air conditioning refrigerant pipes, drainage pipes and power lines under the following 5P and below 5P in enterprises, families and public places


■ Advantages


· Good Decoration Effect: 

The air-condition duct designed by  industry  cannot only solve the phenomenon that the air conditioning refrigerant pipe is hanging outdoors at will, disorderly and unbeautiful, but also play  the role of aesthetic  coordination with the external decoration structure of modern house.

· Protective Refrigerating Pipe: 

The air-condition duct is  made of light-proof and anti­ ultraviolet (UV) radiation, impact-resistant, tensile-resistant and anti-aging materials, so as to protect the refrigerant pipe from being exposed by the wind, the rain and the sunlight. The refrigerant pipe can be used for more than 20 years at normal temperature (or -40 °C to + 60 °C), and the design life of the air conditioner is exceeded.

· Prevent Refrigerant Leakage: 

The supporting point of suspended refrigerant pipe is on two bellmouth, the stress is concentrated, and cracks are easily generated after frequent shaking, resulting in leakage of refrigerant medium. After using the air-condition duct, it can prevent the shaking of the refrigerant pipe, prevent the leakage of the refrigerant medium and extend the service life of the air conditioner. 

· Eco-friendly and Energy Saving: 

The air-condition duct can better protect refrigerant pipe and heat preservation material, high resistance to ultraviolet, radiation heat, heat conduction, convective heat and other external factors on refrigerant pipe and thermal insulation materials, energy saving and electricity saving. 

· Material Characteristics: 

High strength PVC-U materials  with flame retardant and insulation have good wear resistance, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, inhibition of algae and bacteria growth, impermeability and UV radiation resistance, antistatic, anti-impact, tensile resistance, aging resistance and other properties.

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