PVC Round Type Wiring Duct

Product Overview:

◎ Lay the wire inside and outside the stage, hotel, exhibition hall, classroom, computer room.
◎ Lay the wire in the market, supermarket, writing building, the second decoration of the house.
◎ Material warehouse, distributing center or other places with cars in and out.
◎ The passage way in the workshop where there are forklifts come and across very often.


Installation Guid
◎ Use special high sticky double-faced glue to fix the duct.
◎ Clean the ground surface and the bottom surface of the duct before installation.
◎ The width of the special high sticky double-faced glue should be 12mm.
◎ For easy to connect with the accessories, when use the double-faced glue to connect with the duct, the vacancy of both ends of the duct with 20-30 size should be 60mm at least; 100mm at least with 40-60 size of the duct; 150mm at least with 70 size of the duct. For example, if the length of 20x6 size of duct is 4m, then the length of the duct with double-faced glue should be 3.78m.