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PVC Multifunctional Trunking and Fittings 0
PVC Multifunctional Trunking and Fittings 0

PVC Multifunctional Trunking and Fittings

Product Overview

Color: white
Length: according to customer's requests

Product Details



The versatile trunking is mainly intended for surface distribution projects as the protection for wire, telephone wiring, TV cables, Internet cables. It can be applied to the building, hospital, mall, hotel, workshop, etc.




◎ Perfect insulating performance

   It can withstand 2,500 electric voltages without the risk of leakage and electrocution.

◎ Corrosion resistance and anti-insect

   It rarely reacts against general acids or bases, with no damage by insect.

◎ Excellent fire-proof properties

   The fire can go out once the trunk leave the flame, avoiding the spreading of flame. Due to the weak conductive performance for heating, the trunk can protect the circuit and delay the   operation of appliance control system when fire happens, so that people can be evacuated from field of fire.   

◎ Age resistance

   Advanced formula and process reduce the risk of color change due to UV.

◎ Simple assembly

   Fix the trunk in bottom part with screw on wall without groove and plastering. Put the electric wire into trunking and then cover the wire with top part of trunking. 

   The installation can be finished at once. 

◎ Convenience

   Special lock joint is adopted so that the close/open operation is easy. The weight of trunking is very light, which is helpful to disassembly and reassembly.

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